Saturday, October 19, 2019

Priority Health Issue Report and Critical Analysis of Health Promotion Essay

Priority Health Issue Report and Critical Analysis of Health Promotion Initiatives - Essay Example Third is through the use of a priority area to be determined by examining the cost to individuals and the community. A higher cost will imply a higher level of prevalence (Diabetes Australia & Australian Diabetes Society, 1988). Potential to change is also a method that may be used. Having evaluated the health status of the country, the government has pinpointed the following health priority issues. First are the groups that are currently experiencing some forms of health inequities. Second are the rapidly increasing levels of preventable chronic diseases such as mental complications, cardiovascular diseases, permanent disability and increased mortality rate. Third are the growing and the ageing population, as Australia’s life expectancy rate continues to increase. The Australian health care system has made great contributions in the improvement and maintenance of good health status for the Australians. The healthcare system works with the government to fund the healthcare of public and private bodies. This is in addition to rehabilitation, treatment and diagnosis systems. The system has also extended its cover to all citizens and people can now participate in private health insurance to extend their healthcare coverage. Australia’s healthcare system has also focused on improve technology to better their services to the people. To improve the health status, the Australian healthcare system in collaboration with the federal government has put in place professional and regulatory associations that look on the credibility and applicability of the laid down healthcare approaches and their benefit to the public (Scoggins, RAND Europe, & Rand Corporation, 2008). To address Australia’s health priorities, various actions will be of great importance. First is the use of the public health approach through what has been defined as

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