Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Conquest of Mexico by Spanish Conquistadors Essay

Conquest of Mexico by Spanish Conquistadors - Essay Example He offered men who served under him significant training and discipline, allowing them to operate as a unified soldiers’ unit. In addition, he ensured to burn his ships to ensure that retreat was not possible for his men (Taylor). Cortes was aware of Aztecs, realizing that they together with Montezuma II, who served as their leader, served as the key driving forces of Mexico. As such, Cortes was driven by the urge to rule over them. While marching through Mexico, he experienced several natives referred to as Tlaxcala, who served as Aztecs’ enemies. In this case, this group served as a vital ally during his Tenochtitlan siege, which was then the capital city of Aztec. Without the knowledge of Cortes, Aztec’s prophecy coincided with his arrival. Quetzalcoatl, who was the god of Aztec, who they are associated with the creation human life was about to come back to earth. Since Montezuma thought that Cortes was Quetzalcoatl, they welcomed him while showing him great h onor. Montezuma sent various representatives to welcome Cortes as he approached. The light skin of the Spaniards while riding horses amazed the Aztecs, which they considered as beasts having six legs and two heads. To intimidate as well as stun the natives further, the Spanish fired gunshots. On entry to the city, Spanish soldiers together with the Tlaxcalans dismissed it, taking Montezuma hostage. With the assistance of Dona Marina, Cortes managed to influence Montezuma to facilitate in ruling Tenochtitlan while using him.

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